Mummified Alien Body Found in the Atacama Desert – The Scientific Community is Baffled

When it comes to discoveries that the scientific community shuns at the thought of, the mummified alien body from the Atacama Desert definitely tops the list. Back in 2003 when it was discovered no science man actually managed to find a proper answer for this other than the fact that it was undoubtedly out of this world. Professor Harry Nolan even considered this to be proof of a mutant being having been released into the wild after a series of failed experiments

Ramon Navia who is an employee of the prestigious Institute for Exobiological studies has stated on record that this was proof of a very small mummy that was discarded off, but alas, that theory doesn’t hold up either since on closer inspection it is quite obvious that this isn’t just your average bipedal creature that has undergone mummification

The skull inside was studied and analyzed by Brian Fester, an amazing scientist that eventually ended up stating that the remains of the body were either the remains of humans or more likely so, of aliens.

According to him, the creature must have had gray skin because it was not affected by the weather and the elongated skull might be proof of its origins from South America since their ancestors are known to have that particular shape of the head. Some have even stated that this was a child that was mummified many years ago, although nobody has a clear answer, to say the least.