Loading the Monstrously Powerful US AC-130 Before Firing All Its Cannons

Most impressive. These weapons should be matched to equally deliberate and powerfully discerning minds that order their missions. Anything less is cultivating of negligent national suicide. The inheriting of such powerful weapons without a matching understanding of; how, and, why, to employ them, is a highly dangerous legacy.

Nice nice, and it should always be able to defend itself well enough against anything that can be thrown against it, maybe two little laser guns front and back

amazing how much munitions are mounted on that F-16 toward the end. It must really affect the takeoff speed and maneuverability.

I love those new paint schemes on the F16’s. They look sharp. Idk what it’s called I think it’s called like the fifth gen paint scheme but either way looks se..

Works great as long as there is not a modern air defense in their area of operation. If there is, they probably get shot down before firing a shot.