Japan is planing to transport people from Earth to Moon via Train

Researchers from Japan’s Kyoto University in partnership with Kajima Construction are working on this project to take space travel to another level. A transportation system called ‘Hexagon Space Track System’ for the bullet train.

For long-distance travel, the Hexatrack will maintain a gravity of 1G (normal gravity of the Earth) to lessen the effects of extended exposure to low gravity.

The bullet trains are also said to have ‘Hexacapsules’ (hexagonal-shaped capsules) with a moving device in the middle. A mini capsule of a 15-metre radius will connect the Earth with the moon while a slightly bigger capsule of a 20-metre radius will be used to link the Earth with Mars.

The train station at the Moon will be called the Lunar station and it will be using a gateway satellite. The station at Mars on the other hand will be called the Mars station and it will be situated on the Martian satellite Phobos.