Former Area 51 Employee Says There’s An Alien Spaceship In A Top Secret Location Called S4

In the paranormal realm, Bob Lazar has generated a lot of discussion and controversy. A place was building a UFO using extraterrestrial technology.

According to Lazar, S4 is a secret military base that serves as a research center for alien spacecraft. According to Lazar, he was employed by the U.S. government.

Lazar claims to be a qualified engineer and scientist, among other things he holds a master’s degree in physics from MIT and a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Caltech. Both claims were disproved in 1993 by a Los Angeles Times investigation that revealed that neither college had a record of his academic performance.




Former Area 51 Employee Bob Lazar Said “We Have Extraterrestrial Spacecrafts”

Friedman could only confirm one component of Lazar’s education: Lazar did attend some electronics classes at Pierce Junior College (in Los Angeles) in the late 1970s.

Several of Lazar’s supporters argue that the government “wiped” or destroyed his academic record in an attempt to undermine his credibility after he came forth with information concerning top-secret projects he purportedly worked on while at S4.

His educational and professional past is still a source of great speculation, and no solid verifications have been made public, feeding Lazar’s supporters’ claims that the authorities tampered with his personal documents.



Lazar’s W-2 documents and payslips have also surfaced, allegedly suggesting he worked for the U.S. government in 1989, but many critics believe these documents are fraudulent. I say yes.

Another point of his raised in relation to Lazar’s work history is why he has only been working for the government for six months and why such high-level classified investigations are being carried out by outside contractors. The question is whether it had to be entrusted to

The issue of element 115, which Lazar is said to have addressed directly during his research, is one of his most interesting elements in Lazar’s account. Element 115, called “ununpentium” at the time of its discovery, is a superheavy synthetic chemical element discovered in 2003.

According to Lazar, Element 115 was used as a nuclear fuel source to power and accelerate the alien spacecraft he was researching. He further explains that the proton bombardment of element 115 will cause both anti-gravitational effects and antimatter-based power generation, allowing the spacecraft to not only propel itself but also meet its fuel needs at the same time. did.

Lazar also stated in his critical television interview with investigative reporter George Knapp in 1989 that the U.S. government owned his £500 Element 115 and that he would eventually procure a small amount for himself. was able to but was eventually taken back.




Lazar claimed to have worked as a physicist at New Mexico’s Los Alamos National Laboratory. Supporters of Lazar argue that this allegation may be verified because Lazar’s name appears in a phone directory at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

The difficulty with this claim is that the phone book also claims to have contact information for DOE workers as well as an outside contractor named Kirk Meyer. Lazar’s name is mentioned in the phone directory, but it is preceded by a “K/M” designation, suggesting that he worked for Kirk Meyer rather than the Los Alamos National Lab.



Former Area 51 Employee Bob Lazar Said “We Have Extraterrestrial Spacecrafts” 2

Many ufologists and other paranormal researchers believe Zeta Reticuli is the homeworld of the Zeta Reticulans, sometimes known as the “greys” because of the consistent descriptions given by reported alien abduction victims and other eyewitness testimony.

Unfortunately, Lazar has been embroiled in legal challenges in recent years over other business enterprises he pursued following his purported job at S4. After installing a computer system at a brothel in Clark County, Nevada in exchange for what we’ll term “business services,” he was arrested and charged with pandering.

Despite the fact that prostitution is allowed in Nevada, it is prohibited in Clark County. Bob was then sentenced to three years of probation and community work, which included, ironically, the installation of a computer system for the Clark County administration.

Lazar later founded United Nuclear, a scientific supply firm that began in New Mexico but currently operates out of Laingsburg, Michigan, in the year 2000. High-powered magnets, diverse lab chemicals, and radioactive ores are among the scientific goods sold by United Nuclear.



Former Area 51 Employee Bob Lazar Said “We Have Extraterrestrial Spacecrafts” 3

Lazar has kept a quiet profile in recent years, despite becoming something of a cult figure for his contributions to the UFO/paranormal field. He is now organizing the “Desert Bl ast” yearly event, which is known as the world’s largest “outlaw” fireworks spectacular.

Surprisingly, the event has taken on the same secrecy as Lazar himself, as the festival’s date and venue vary every year and are only revealed to those who are invited.

Despite the fact that many individuals have contested and/or discredited Lazar’s claims concerning S4 and Element 115, there is still a stigma attached to them. We may never know the whole truth behind these issues, but they certainly add to the mystery surrounding the US government’s ongoing concealment of alien life.