Everything he thought about changed when he saw 2 frightened puppies who needed help

Cops Save Two Terrified Pit Bulls From The Street And Refuse To Leave Them Alone

Patrick Hennesy was driving home at 4:30 am in the cold, just thinking about getting home and warm-up in bed! But everything he thought about changed when he saw 2 frightened puppies who needed help.

Hennesy did not think twice and stopped his car to help the pit bull pups, who were injured! So, he directly contacted the Orange County Sheriff’s Office for help. Thankfully, 2 cops arrived at the scene in a fast way. Sadly, there was blood splatter across the ground, where the injured pups were!

The cute pups rubbed up against the officers, who approached them, and licked as if they thanked the cops! It seemed that they realized that the officers wanted to help them.

When the cops picked the pups up, they saw of them bleeding. It was obvious that the bleeding pup had been hit by a vehicle! So, they did their best to stop the bleeding.

One of the officers called Orange County Animal Services for help, and the other one applied pressure and gauze to the stray’s wound. They were told to wait the rescuers until they could come. The officers tried their best to keep the puppies warm by hugging them.

Eventually, the 2 puppies, who were named Justice and Liberty, were taken by animal services, that take them into care. The pups have already been happy at the shelter, and they wait for forever homes. Watch the video below.