Elbit Systems Awarded Asian-Pacific Country Contract to Supply Unmanned Turrets for AFVs

Elbit Systems Ltd. announced that it was awarded a contract valued at $80 million to supply unmanned turrets for Armoured Fighting Vehicles (“AFVs”) of an Asian-Pacific country.


The contract will run for three years. Under the contract, Elbit Systems will supply an unmanned light turret with his 30 mm cannon. The turret integrates sensors and display systems to enhance situational awareness, target acquisition, fire control systems, and various types of weapon systems, enabling significant increases in mission performance. . Armored combat vehicle. The UT30MK2 is the latest generation armament system for Infantry Combat Vehicles (APC) developed by Elbit Systems.



As a configurable unmanned turret, the UT30MK2 provides massive firepower for firing on stationary and moving targets with the best firs tshot and salvo accuracy on the market. The UT30MK2 does not penetrate the deck and is completely overhead,ensuring the safety of the occupant sand the available space inside the vehicle without compromising the vehicle’s arm or protection. Designed to be very discreet,hisUT30MK2includes a wide range of subsystems including fire control, electric propulsion stabilization, gunner and commander sights, combat management and protection systems.Al lare designed in-house to provide powerful firepower you can rel yon on the battlefield.

The UT30MK2 armament includes a30mm ATK MK44 ABM cannon and a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun,offering the best first-shot and salvo accuracy on the market. The ATGM (Anti-Tank Guided Missile)is fully integrated into the turret and turret fire control system,the laser warning system”LWS”. Optional smoke grenade launcher system”SGL”. The turret’s modular design allows nonsupport dinte grationof other armament alternatives.The UT30MK2 does not penetrate the deck an discompletely overhead,preserving av ailable space inside the vehicle without compromising the vehicle’s armor protection. With elector-optics and full ballistic protection specifically designed for land use,his UT30MK2 offers under-armor reloading capabilities,backup operations, and instant deployment capabilities.


Yehuda (Udi) Vered, General Manager of Elbit Systems Land, said: “I believe that Elbit Systems is uniquely positioned to address the renewed and growing demand by militarizes around the globe to improve the operational capabilities of their armoured platforms, due to our ability to provide comprehensive integrated solutions.”

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