Disc-shaped UFOs spotted on mountain ridge in Antarctica

There have been a number of unexplained Google Earth sightings in Antarctica recently and now zooming in on a mountainous region, we found what appears to be several disc-shaped UFOs on a mountain ridge of the Victory Mountains.



Whether the UFOs have crash landed, part of a secret military project or may be of extraterrestrial origin, is not clear, but there is clearly a lot of activity around these disc-shaped objects.

First location:2 UFOs and operational baseUFOs: 40 meters in diameterCoordinates: 73° 4’46.72″S 73° 4’46.72″S



Second location:3 UFOs and operational baseUFOs: 10 meters in diameterCoordinates: 73° 4’50.32″S 167°41’36.31″E