Aselsan Unveils KORHAN Remote Weapon Station for Armoured Fighting Vehicle

Using internal research and development funding, Turkish defense company Aselsan has developed the Korhan 35 mm Remote Weapon Station (RWS) which is nearing development completion and has already undergone firing trials of its 35mm main armament on an Otokar Arma 8×8 platform.


KORHAN is a new generation armored combat system with high firepower, equipped with advanced target detection and tracking systems, equipped with the latest technology self-protection systems and environmental awareness systems. The system has open and extensible architecture, updating and additions to the system based on the needs that will arise in the future will be implemented with national resources. In addition to the tracked and tactical wheeled configurations of KORHAN, the amphibious configurations are also available in accordance with the requirements of swimming in the water.

Main armament consists of a 35mm two-axis stabilised dual-feed cannon; as well as conventional natures of ammunition including APFSDS and HEI, it can also fire the Aselsan Atom airburst munition (ABM). In KORHAN, 35 mm cannon, with high rate of fire, is used as the main gun. The production of the cannon is made by MKE Institution using national resources. The KORHAN system also has the ability to use the 35 mm Airburst Ammunition developed and produced domestically by ASELSAN. For the main gun, there are 100 ammunitions available in the turret and 200 spare ammunition are stored in the vehicle. Loading of spare ammunitions into the turret is done under armor protection in the vehicle. The system also has a 7.62 mm machine gun mounted co-axial with the main gun for self-defense against close threats from the land.


The Turret, designed as an unmanned type for maximum user and personnel protection, allows maximum space for personnel and spare ammunitions by minimizing interference within the vehicle. The automatic linkless ammunition feeding mechanism developed by ASELSAN allows for the selection of suitable ammunition for the type of threat. The turret has two axis stabilization ability. In this context, the turret can rotate nx360 degrees unlimitedly on the azimuth axis and the weapon can rotate between -10 and +45 degrees on the elevation axis. KORHAN has full dominance on the battlefield and superiority over the enemy with 360 degree situational awareness panoramic vision system (YAMGÖZ), gun dependent sniper and independent commander sight systems, battlefield recognition system (MSTTS) and satellite type Mini Unmanned Air Vehicle (MIHA).


KORHAN System can be automatically directed and neutralized the threat by detecting the direction of the threat using the Sniper Locating System (AYHTS) on the turret when the system is under fire. ASELSAN LUS is a system that detects and identifies laser threats directed at KORHAN within a short response time and with high sensitivity, and activates countermeasure systems. LUS is a system that can detect and identify threats with high sensitivity at LUS’s operating different optical bands including the Laser Distance Meter (LRF), Laser Target Marker (LD) and Laser Beam Rid (LBR) and activate countermeasure systems. The arrival angle, threat class and identity information (threat definitions) of the laser threats detected by the LUS are communicated to the vehicle crew so that 360 ° situational awareness, early warning, optimal escape maneuvers or countermeasures are provided against the laser threats in the battlefield. LUS together with smokes on turret form KORHAN’s “Soft-Kill” part.