Accidentally: Astronomers find two hidden galaxies at the edge of space and time

A team of researchers stumbled upon two hidden galaxies on the edge of spacetime.

A group of scientists have discovered and identified two hidden galaxies that are now on the edge of space and time.




Yoshinobu Sudamoto, an astronomer at the Waseda Institute of Science and Technology and the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ), led the team that made the discovery using the Atacama Large Millimeter-Submillimeter Array (ALMA) in Chile. ALMA is an astronomical interferometer consisting of 66 radio telescopes that can see dusty environments and very long distances.


Scientists discovered two new galaxies while observing his two target galaxies, REBELS-12 and he called REBELS-29. Scientists have detected intense radiation hundreds of light-years away from the target galaxy. This discovery led the researchers to make additional observations and identify two galaxies known as REBELS-12-2 and REBELS-29-2. These galaxies are hidden by cosmic dust clouds and are invisible in ultraviolet and visible light.

Researchers believe that the newly discovered galaxy formed 800 million years after the universe formed 13.8 billion years ago.