A “UFO emerges from the Indian Ocean” and mystifies researchers

The UFO topic is becoming more serious and scientific, which is why every piece of news that comes out related to Unidentified Flying Objects quickly goes viral. Now a mysterious object has emerged from the Indian Ocean, just 700 kilometers from Madagascar.

Gone are the years where the UFO topic belonged solely to conspiracy theorists and alternative researchers. Now science and governments openly study them.


That is why he has powerfully called a strange object that emerged at full speed from the depths of the Indian Ocean .

UFO emerges from the sea

The island of Reunion , located in the Mascarene archipelago in the Indian Ocean, 700 kilometers east of Madagascar.


On the night of October 11, Sandrine Fontaine captured a video of a large unknown flying object hovering over the ocean .

This enigmatic dark mass rose very slowly above the water. Fontaine captured the entire event thanks to the red filter that his telescope had. This allowed him to see in detail the strange shape of what appeared to be a ship.

Despite this, he was only able to film the UFO for a few seconds, as it quickly disappeared .


According to experts who have examined the video, the object is very similar to the UFOs that were photographed from a US submarine in 1971 .

At the moment it leaves the water, the object’s profile is shown as a triangular shape . A very characteristic form that has been filmed on other occasions.

An example of strange craft with these shapes is the TR-3B anti-gravity aircraft . However, it is obvious that what is shown in the video emerges from the sea .


In fact, many experts consider that it is not a UFO, but a USO , so it could belong to an underwater base .

Human or alien?

Many people on the internet have raised the possibility that this is reverse-engineered human technology . Using alien technology captured in the past.

They have even mentioned the possibility that it is part of a space fleet capable of traveling to other planets in the Solar System.


There is also the possibility that we are facing a real alien spacecraft. Theorists have even speculated for years that an underwater extraterrestrial base could exist near the island , where an alien race could live .