A Report By The Pentagon Revealed That A White Cylindrical Object Was Seen Flying Past The ISS On Friday

Did A UFO Fly Past The International Space Station? Watch This Footage And Decide

Did we just witness UFOs flying past the International Space Station (ISS) during its live feed? It appears so. The age-old fixation on UFOs lurking around Earth magnified after the Pentagon released three short clips depicting “unidentified aerial phenomena” in April 2020. The two videos date back to 2004 and 2015 and show objects flying at high speed that remain unidentifiable till date.

A white cylindrical UFO spotted

A white cylindrical object was seen flying past the ISS on Friday – the same day the space station detected a series of “high-speed” objects flying nearby. Reported first by The Sun, the live feed showed two sightings, later shared on YouTube by a user called “MrMBB333” with the title – “Ok something is CLEARLY roaming the skies on this planet!”

Not too long ago, a report by the Pentagon revealed that while UFO sightings may be confirmed, aliens can be not. It is entirely possible that the strange flying objects seen by US intelligence could be sophisticated tech built by other countries like China and Russia – a common speculation among analysts.


The US also rebranded the classification of UFOs to UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena). It’s important to note here that the general misconception about alien life is that they will look like us and operate like us. Scientists have repeatedly asserted how complex life forms can be, even human beings.

Evolutionary processes on a different planet may be extremely different than ours. A blob-like creature with no face or mouth could be a highly advanced species living in a far off cosmos. The assumption that they all look like human beings is scientifically flawed, as explained beautifully in the visually rich short series on Netflix called “Alien Worlds”.


While these aircraft remain unexplained, such proof coming from the ISS or from US documents does answer some questions that remained largely hidden by the general public for decades – that aliens may have visited Earth, with or without our knowledge.

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