A grandfather brought his dog to suppress with tears in his eyes because he had no money for treatment

A veterinarian did the necessary thing upon observing the man’s tears and the dog’s distress.

Even though it’s often argued that money can’t buy happiness, the fact is that it often does. When doctors informed a poor elderly man that he couldn’t afford to treat his dog, he knew he was in over his head.

An old guy and a mixed-breed dog joined the veterinarian in the exam room. The visitor kept to himself, patting his dog absentmindedly and quietly sobbing the entire time all three were together.

The only sound in the office was the man’s bitter sighs as he silently sobbed at having to say goodbye to his friend.

Veterinarian Andrei Alex Androvich experienced the reaction of clients more than once when they had to put their dogs to sleep, despite his lack of experience.

The doctor had compassion for his patients’ feelings, realizing that when people lose a pet, they are also losing a friend. However, he felt this was a unique circumstance.

The physician remembered seeing a man and his dog for the first time three days ago. The man was elderly and quiet; his nine-year-old mutt, Naida, had lain in bed for days.



The dog’s conduct had the man so alarmed that he had to take him to the vet immediately. The man told the vet during their talk that Nada

The illness would quickly spread throughout the animal’s body, eventually causing a horrible death. The doctor offered the man two options to relieve the dog’s pain and suffering: treatment or killing. Andrei presented his offer extremely brusquely, without considering the guest’s possible reactions.

He then placed two crumpled bills on the table after hearing the doctor’s conclusion, picked up the dog with shaking hands, and went.

Three days later, the man and his friend presented themselves at the clinic’s entrance: “I’m sorry, I could only gather the money to put her to sleep so as not to make her suffer.”

The man, who was already there, asked to speak with his friend for a few minutes. Andre Al Aleksandrovich saw the world’s injustice vividly in the anguish of this parting couple.

Those who have a lot of money don’t always respect the value of life, whether it’s another human being’s or an animal’s. These priceless emotions shared by the elderly guy and his mutt forced them to part ways, but it wasn’t for lack of trying.

Unable to contain his emotions, the doctor extended his hand to the man and said, “I will cure Naida, without money, I will help at my expense.” Naida is not yet an elderly person; she has years ahead of her to be with you.

The elderly man quietly cried.

NDA was able to complete the entire process in only seven days. Because of the drip and excellent medical care, she swiftly recovered. The veterinarian was very pleased with his results.

He may not have done the greatest of good actions, but he gave the old man and his dog faith in humanity and optimism about the future.