A dog was desperately trying to wake his lifeless friend on the sidewalk.

Desperate abandoned dog does everything to revive run over friend

 Puppies are beings with hearts who, like humans, suffer when they lose those they love most

Not all the difficulties that stray dogs need to undergo in life on the streets, day after day, aren’t new. But if they will hold on to something, this may surely be the unconditional friendship of those faithful canine friends: fellow adventurers, regrets, howls of help…

It was just that, a desperate scream that caught the eye of some passersby. Once they stopped, witnessed the foremost moving scene, didn’t hesitate to record it and now, it’s gone viral on social networks. A dog was desperately trying to wake his lifeless friend on the sidewalk.

After being hit by a car, he remained motionless on the sidewalk. it’s not known how this unfortunate and cruel incident happened. The truth is that they saw his disconsolate friend pushing him as well as his paw during a desperate plan to wake him up. But unfortunately, nobody could make him understand that everything was useless. The events happened on Mariategui and Huancavilca Streets in the city of Huancayo, Junin, Peru.


The images were posted on the Animalist Association’s official website Dream Fulfilled, and since then, thousands of people are heartbroken during a thousand pieces. “His despair and sadness are evident as touching. Time and again the dog doesn’t understand why his partner doesn’t move, why he lies on the cold ground without having the ability to urge up. Use his leg to undertake to react and fail, just cry, each howl may be a lament” is that the message read alongside the video.

“Poor puppy” a passerby hears saying, while you’ll see that the road is deserted. Seeing that his efforts don’t work, during a moment of despair, he looks as if he wants to show around to find out if it works. He moves to the opposite side of the body and leaves his paw on him, turns his head and appears at the camera as if proposing for help; and expecting a compassionate soul to prevent or tell him what else he can do for his friend.


Then, a 3rd dog appears, but the pictures are cropped before the puppy realizes that he has a minimum of one friend with whom his pain is involved. Many netizens haven’t stopped reacting to the dark scenes while criticizing the one that records.

“There may be a lot to find out about angels who are victims of human cruelty,” said one user How could they not have stopped to assist the disconsolate puppy? Although it’s seen that nothing is often done by your friend, why does anyone approach him to pet him? It’s important to say: calm, hairy, everything are going to be alright . .. But no, as always in these cases, we only see someone who records, without intervening, doing nothing to assist.

The Association that released the video commented that on an equivalent day there have been 3 other homeless dogs run over and didn’t disclose the fate of the puppy who lost his ally. These painful scenes must call to mind, puppies are beings with hearts who, like humans, suffer once they lose those they love most. Share this story so that together, we will create a more sensitive world of greater empathy and respect for animals. TheyThey provide us with the best courses!