A bright yellow bird with black wings, back, and red cap, mixed with splashes of vivid red on the breast, making him simply stunning.- Meet the Band-tailed Manakin!

Spectacular Splashes Of Vivid Red, Orange, And Yellow Combine To Create A Bird That Is Quite Simply Stunning

Meet the Band-tailed manakin

The band-tailed manakin (Pipra fasciicauda) is a species of bird in the Pipridae family. The male Band-tailed Manakin has black upperparts with a bright red crown that extends to the back and sides of the neck. The face and rest of the underparts are bright yellow, with a variable amount of red on the breast and belly. The male has a broad pale band on the tail.

The female is mostly olive-green with a yellowish throat and center of the belly.

Both sexes have a pale iris, brown legs, and a relatively short square tail.

This bird is found in and endemic to Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, and Peru.

Band-tailed manakin likes to live in natural habitats such as subtropical or tropical moist lowland forest, subtropical or tropical swamps, and heavily degraded former forest.

A fruit eater, they like to forage in the upper understory of the forest in Amazonia.

In Brazil, egg-laying in Dec in N (Belém area) and species breeds mainly Aug–Nov in S (E Mato Grosso do Sul). Male performs complex lek display along with other males to attract a female. Little more is known about the breeding process.

This species has a relatively stable population and does not approach the thresholds for Vulnerable under the size criterion set by the IUCN.