A boy discovered that a pregnant mongrel dog was attacked and thrown on the road, no one cares

Pregnant Dog Beaten And Lost Her Puppies, Found Lying On Side Road And No One Cares

A boy discovered that a pregnant mongrel dog was attacked and thrown on the road. Rescuers immediately rushed to find it , but they couldn’t. The volunteers continued to look for her for three days until they saw her walking along the road.

“It looks like she just gave birth, but unfortunately she lost all her puppies. She was devastated, with rectal prolapse and depression. Rescuers were concerned that she might run away if they approached her with food, but fortunately the food caught her eye.

Gradually, but with a lot of effort and firm step, the group of volunteers approached the puppy and managed to take her safely to help her in her rehabilitation. However, this was not easy. It took a considerable amount of time for Lisa to start improving.

“She was extremely thin, dehydrated, weak and anemic because of abuse during pregnancy and the loss of babies. Why did anyone do this to that poor lost dog? Did they beat her just because she tried to find food for her babies? ”Lamented a volunteer.

As she was extremely scared, she refused to drink water, which forced the volunteers to inject serum into her veins, for her own good.

Although the Lisa still has a long way to go to be in her ideal shape, she begins to show signs of having an extraordinary personality. She even goes for walks and exercises, enjoying the beauty of love that was once denied.

We wish Lisa to recover in the best possible way and find a foster family.