10 Largest & Insane Military Vehicles In The World

From a crazy vehicle known as The Shredder to the world’s biggest and most advanced mobilized laser weapons system, here are ten of the largest and most insane military vehicles in the world!


10: The Shredder The M1150 Assault Breacher Vehicle, also known as The Shredder, is a United States military vehicle used for clearing mines and explosives. This thing is an absolute powerhouse. It’s equipped with a mine plow and can barrel through a field detonating mine after mine so that other vehicles can come in behind it.


9: The Multiple Rocket Launcher System The Multiple Rocket Launcher System, also known as the MRL, has seen many different forms over the years. But the newest version from China has people seriously worried. It was unveiled during the National Day Parade in 2019.


8: The Typhoon Submarine The Typhoon Submarine is the largest submarine that has ever existed. It’s almost as long as two American football fields. It was developed by the Russians to be the greatest submersible ship ever built.


7: V-22 Osprey Tilt-Rotor Aircraft The V-22 Osprey is one of the strangest and most amazing military vehicles ever. It was developed by Boeing and Bell Helicopters and is a strange mix between a chopper and a plane. It takes off and lands vertically, but once airborne it converts into an aircraft and flies just like normal.


6: The Char 2C Super Tank The Char 2C was doomed from the beginning. In the final years of World War One, the French were designing this tank to be the largest ever in the history of the world. And even today, the Char 2C Tank remains to be the largest and heaviest tank of its kind to ever be constructed.


5: The Mi-26 HALO Helicopter The Mi-26 HALO Helicopter is the largest helicopter in the entire world. It’s also the heaviest and most powerful. This helicopter was originally designed to carry massive cargoes weighing up to an outstanding 20 tons.


4: The Caspian Sea Monster The Caspian Sea Monster is exactly what it sounds like. This colossal aquatic vehicle was one of the weirdest creations of its time. Just by looking at this beast of a machine, you would never guess that it can fly. But it absolutely can… er, at least it used to.


3: The Biggest Laser Weapon Ever This next vehicle may not be the largest or the most insane, but it is definitely one of the most advanced. It’s known as the Indirect Fires Protection Capability High Energy Laser, and it’s still in development. It’s going to be 10 times more powerful than any laser weapon system currently employed by the United States of America.


2: USS Enterprise When you think USS Enterprise, you’re probably thinking about Star Trek. For whatever reason, Star Trek decided to use the USS Enterprise as their main flagship in the popular TV show. But the fact is that the USS Enterprise is actually a massive United States Navy aircraft carrier.


1: The Schwerer Gustav Gun The Schwerer Gustav Gun was the biggest gun ever built. Plain and simple. It was built by the Nazis and deployed during the Battle of Sevastopol – even though it was originally designed with the intention of breaking through France’s defenses in the 1930s so that Hitler could invade the country.