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Young Dog with Pumpkin-Sized Head Found as a Stray Recovers and Thrives, Inspiring Animal Welfare Advocates and Children Alike

A young dog found wandering as a stray with a pumpkin-sized head has not only recovered but thrived to become an inspiration to animal welfare advocates and children.

Dog with swollen head running down street

Gus was first spotted  wandering around an abandoned neighborhood in Houston, Texas. He was dirty and injured and his head was extremely swollen.  Someone posted a photo of him on Facebook that came to the attention of Houston K-911 Rescue.

Dog with swollen head in cage

Rescuers went out to the area and began searching an abandoned apartment complex. It was the stench he made that led them right to him.

Dog with swollen head at vet clinic

“We were about to walk right past it, then noticed the opening and looked inside with a flashlight. After a few seconds, we commented about how badly it reeked in there. We were about to go in to look in a room that’s inside when the dog came strolling out,” the rescue organization wrote on Facebook.

Dog with swollen head at vet clinic

He was very scared but they were able to trick him into a trap. When Anna of Houston K-911 arrived at the veterinarian to see him for the first time she cried.

“He had no hope and he was still a puppy,” Anna said. “He was only 10 months old.”

Dog with swollen head lying on blankets

Gus had had a shoestring wrapped around his neck that became embedded as he grew. Not only that, but he had been hit by a car and had a broken pelvis and he had 26 pellets embedded in his leg.

Vet comforting dog in clinic

But he never complained. Throughout his treatment he was “very compliant” said Anna. “He was very willing for us to help him…He took it like a trooper.”

It was a long process and Gus was at hospital for a whole month after which he went home with Anna to recover. She noted that he became a relaxed and happy dog when he felt better.

Dog recovering from injuries

Anna says the intention was to adopt him out but he adjusted so well to her family that she decided he wasn’t going anywhere, he was staying with her.

Rescued dog posing with his rescuers

He went on to win the Hero Dog Award for shelter dogs and because of his amazing calm temperament he now visits children in school to tell his story and help them learn about animal welfare.

Rescued dog posing with his rescuers

He truly is an inspiration for everyone!

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