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What Is In The Sky? Massive UFOs with Flashing Lights Detected Over France, China, and Australia, Say Experts

Bright lights and a flying “cigar shaped” object captured in the footage have led to theories it could be a UFO

UFO experts believe glowing objects spotted in the sky above France, China and Australia could be a huge spaceship.

Footage recorded in France, possibly near Paris, shows bright lights in the sky and a “cigar shaped” flashing object.

Tyler, speaking on Secureteam10 , a channel reporting sightings and unusual activity in space, claims these “mind[blowing” lights are UFOs.

In the intriguing footage, he said a very similar UFO had been spotted years before

Unexplained bright lights have been detected above France, China and Australia

A reported UFO sighting back in 2010 over an airport in China, prompted it to temporarily shut down.

A previous ABC news report claimed the strange sighting caused the Xiaoshan Airport to “stop operations” on July 7 that year.

The news report says that outbound flights were grounded after an ” unidentified flying object ” was detected.

There have been claims of UFOs spotted above France, China and Australia

The incident captured the attention of Chinese media at the time, and people shared photos of flying objects emitting rays of red and white lights.

But what the object was remained a mystery.

Tyler compares high resolution photos to show the similarities between the latest so-called UFO sighting in France with the sightings seven years ago in China.

He also claims a similar UFO sighting was captured over the Gold Coast, Australia.

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