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Welcoming Life’s Delights: Captivating Portraits of Newborns Snuggling with Adorable Companions

The art of newborn photography takes on a magical quality through the lens of London-based photographer Sujata Setia, whose expertise in capturing the essence of new life is truly extraordinary. Here, we delve into the enchanting collection of her work, where newborns are immortalized in heartwarming scenes alongside adorable baby animals.

Sujata Setia’s exceptional images showcase the delicate artistry of newborns serenely nestled among small, endearing creatures, creating timeless snapshots that encapsulate life’s most cherished moments.


From weeks-old infants peacefully curled up with tiny puppies to joyous little ones sharing giggles with days-old ducklings, each photograph becomes a celebration of the profound bond between humans and their beloved pets.

Setia’s keen insight into the unique connection between children and their furry friends is evident as she shares, “I have always felt that children build a special bond with their furry friends, and it gives them a sense of responsibility at an early age to have a fur baby to take care of.”


What sets Setia’s photography apart is the inclusion of tiny puppies, kittens, ducklings, and other young animals, cuddled close to their human counterparts. This delightful addition, combined with the customary serene expressions of peacefully sleeping newborns, creates a sense of tranquility and accomplishment, resulting in photographs that families will treasure forever.


Capturing these endearing moments requires meticulous planning and attention to detail. Setia ensures that the shoot takes place in a warm, cozy room, providing a comfortable environment for both the newborn and their furry companions. Describing the process, she humorously notes, “I tell you, we grown-ups are drenched in sweat by the end of this shoot. There just have to be a lot of protective hands around the baby and the fur baby.”


Setia’s inspiration to include baby animals in her compositions was drawn from her own beloved pet, Mustang. Once the scene is set, and both the baby and the animal are content, Setia works swiftly to capture the perfect moment. “The moment they are still, that very moment, the shot has to be taken, the shoot is wrapped,” she explains. “You can’t spend hours mulling over if you have got the perfect shot or not. It just has to be super quick.” Setia’s dedication undoubtedly pays off, ensuring that each photo becomes a cherished keepsake for parents, capturing the delicate beauty of newborns and the joyous companionship they share with their adorable animal friends.







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