Video: Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Caught on Security Camera in St. Louis, Missouri - June 15, 2023 - Media News 48

Video: Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Caught on Security Camera in St. Louis, Missouri – June 15, 2023

Date of sighting: 6-15-2023 Location of sighting: Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

Wow, look at this security cam video and you will see a huge glowing sphere passing over the house and away, but then it comes back and shoots off into the distance. UFOs often come out when at late night and early morning when there are less eyewitnesses around. This is 100% proof of that very fact.

Eyewitness states: I was watching TV late at night with my husband, in our basement apartment. I kept hearing something like a lawn mower on mute, but he did not. It was driving me nuts, so I rushed outside to see it the next time I heard it. I looked up, and saw a rectangular object over my head. It was the brightest thing I had ever seen. It had three unwavering lights. The bottom two lights were white and rectangular; the top light was a red square.

It was flying low, and it did not make a sound when I was under it. I watched as it flew away, then went inside and told my husband. He came outside with me, but it was gone.Later, I reviewed our cameras, and saw it. My camera recorded it, but it recorded something completely different. The camera picked up a very bright white orb damn near hovering over my house. It was flying incredibly low (that particular camera was placed about hip height).

It shows the orb close to our basement entrance 5 minutes before I come outside. It then records me staring up at the object (orb to the camera, rectangle to me).

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