Video: Priceless moment Koala and Butterfly form the most adorable friendship

Staff at an Australian wildlife park had an adorable surprise when a butterfly photobombed a sustainability video they were shooting – and a baby koala immediately started playing with it.

In the video one-year-old joey Willow can be seen nuzzling the butterfly, which happily sits on her face and nose. Both insect and marsupial appear fascinated with one another in the 30-second clip.

Kevin Fallow, who shot the video at Symbio Wildlife Park, near Sydney, Australia, said: “The butterfly was on the flower and we were in the middle of capturing footage for a sustainability video I am doing to showcase all the initiatives we have in place.

“Then the next thing you know here comes Willow who starts nuzzling the checking out the butterfly, before the butterfly then flew over onto Willow.

“We all were just laughing in hysterics, so it made for slightly shaky footage but all in all was just a great moment to experience with close colleagues.”

The Symbio staff are thrilled at how popular Willow’s adventure has become.

He said: “I think it would make for a remarkable Aussie adventure animation ‘Willow and the Butterfly’. Think about it, the Butterfly could be afraid to fly, and Willow could be afraid of heights. Through love and friendship they help each other conquer their fear whilst overcoming challenges along the way.”Source





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