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Vertical Rock Climbing Masters: Unveiling the Secrets of These “Super-Goats

Have you ever sat in a state of ɗeeρ contemplation, and thought to yourself “…oh boy, I wish I was a goat. I wish I was a mountain goat”…?

No. Me neither, until now…briefly…while looking at photos of these awesome rock-climbing goats. Goats are goats but these are, and I hazard to use the phrase, Super Goats! If these images don’t make you reassess everything you thought you knew about goats, then we’re simply not singing from the same page (the page that, for your information, is covered in goats).

These four images were posted to Facebook last month by Jornal Ciencia and, with over 70,000 shares, have ‘goat’ to be considered a ⱱι̇𝚛αℓ success.

Mountain goats are found in пυʍe𝚛oυ𝕤 North American alpine regions. They use their specialised hooves, made up of two-pointed toes and 𝚛oυ𝔤Һ hoof pads, to scale nearly vertical terrain. No matter how good you think you are at rock climbing, this lot are definitely better (they don’t even use safety ropes).

Photo: Jornal Ciencia.

Photo: Jornal Ciencia.

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