USA: A pig with a genetic mutation has an elephant-like trunk and ears

This piglet was born in the Pramaoy region of the United States with a nose like a long trunk and ears as big as an elephant’s but the little animal was very thin, limping and could not open its eyes.

The piglet looks like an elephant   (Source:

A piglet with a genetic mutation has appeared in the US, making it look like a hybrid between a pig and an elephant.

This piglet was born in the Pramaoy region of western America with a long trunk-like snout and large elephant-like ears. The little animal was very thin, limped and could not open its eyes. The images of this piglet make viewers both surprised and sympathetic.



It is still unclear if the pig is still alive, and what caused its disfigurement.

Previously in 2014, a piglet with a similar appearance was also born in Jilin, China, but only survived for 2 hours after birth.

The owner of the pig, a farmer, froze the carcass to keep as well as to prove its existence. Born in the same batch as the mutant pig, there were seven other pigs, all healthy and normal.




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