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Unveiling the Mystery Behind Mummified Creature Remains at Pairi Daiza Zoo – A Conspiracy Unraveled?

In the private zoological and botanical garden Pairi Daiza there is a small museum room with various curiosities.

A photo of a very strange mummy in the exhibit recently made the rounds on the internet. According to the description on the official site of Pairi Daiza, there are real and fake exhibits from the 19th century from the London Maritime Museum, but it does not say which is real and which is fake.

Có thể là hình ảnh về ảnh chụp X-quang

In this makeshift museum, one can see a skeleton of a child with two heads, a lamb with 8 legs, mummies of Egyptian animals, a piece of meteorite, forks and knives of Fijian cannibals, a cursed doll, and more.

Recently, a visitor photographed there a mummy of a humanoid creature with a huge elongated skull. According to the plaque’s inscription, ” the mummy was mounted on a wire stand and was made by evaporating fluids from the body .”

It is reported to have been ” discovered in 1875 in the Palmer-Hudson Collection of Curiosities “. Other details are unknown.

On Reddit, and then on other sites where the photo was posted, there was discussion about whether it was a ” real mummy ,” an ” alien ,” or a ” fake .”

One user wrote that ” the mummy has too little history to be fake “. In fact, it is unknown to anyone, it has just been stored for decades in this small Belgian museum and no one has tried to show it for money or create a media hype

Mummified fetus with elongated skull found in Colombia could be 'alien' or 'tiny cave-dwelling humanoid' that lived over 800 years ago, researcher claims | Daily Mail Online

Another user sees a resemblance to the popular alien mummies from Peru that were recently on display at the Mexican Congress. Although they have a completely different head structure, they are similar in three fingers.

A third commenter found a photo online from a 19th century book depicting the remains of a child with an unusually elongated skull and decided it looked very similar to the Belgian mummy.

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