Unveiling Celestial Ballet: Live Stream Catches UFOs 'Dancing' Above Mexican Volcano, Triggering Speculation and Mystifying Audiences Worldwide - Media News 48

Unveiling Celestial Ballet: Live Stream Catches UFOs ‘Dancing’ Above Mexican Volcano, Triggering Speculation and Mystifying Audiences Worldwide

Fascinating orb-like UFOs spotted ‘dancing’ over Mexican volcano in live-stream footage after violent eruption

A fleet of bright glowing UFOs has been recorded swarming around an active volcano in Mexico.

Incredible footage shows 'orbs flying out of erupting volcano' sparking UFO  frenzy - but not all is as it seems | The US Sun

Strange footage reveals a group of orb-like flashing objects flying above Popocatépetl, which only recently erupted spewing ash two miles into the sky.

A 24 hour live stream of the volcano picked up the peculiar objects around midnight on June 19.

Eerie: UFOs captured on a 24 hour live stream of Mt Popocatépetl, a 17,000ft active Mexican volcano

The eerie footage shows the white lights darting across the screen at night.

Webcams de Mexico, which monitors active volcanoes, released the mysterious video, and there has been no concrete proof over what the lights actually are.

The footage comes as Popocatépetl erupted back in May and April this year, spewing forth a massive plume of ash and smoke which caused Puebla International Airport to close.

The volcanic detritus then settled on the city and people had to travel in masks to avoid inhaling the fine grit.

A fleet of glowing bright white lights were picked up by the cameras in the middle of the night

Explosion: The footage comes as Popocatépetl has been filmed erupting multiple times this year

Glowing UFO spotted on camera soaring over the Colima volcano in Mexico

About 25 million people live within 62 miles of the crater of the 17,797-foot stratovolcano.

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