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Unlikely Animal Friends: German Shepherds Bond with Siberian Tigers in Slovakian Sanctuary

At the Oasis of the Siberian Tiger in Senec, Slovakia, an extraordinary friendship has blossomed between three German shepherds and a pair of endangered Siberian tigers.

Blacky, Hugo, and Jenny, the German shepherds, are now inseparable from the big cat Suria and her newborn cub Sunny.

Both Suria and Sunny were born at the sanctuary, which is dedicated to breeding and protecting Siberian tigers.


Watch the video at the end.

Suria has been close to the dogs since her birth two years ago, and now it seems that Sunny is following in her paw steps, forming her own bond with the canine companions.


Lucia Zustakova, a visitor to the sanctuary, and Martin Ziman, a volunteer at the Oasis, captured stunning photos and videos of the dogs and tigers playing together.


The animals engage in lively play-fights and chase each other, showcasing the incredible bond they share.

Zustakova, 29, expressed her awe at witnessing these interactions: “It is so amazing when you are so near these beautiful animals.

Suria plays with the dogs every day, and they just love her. I love animals and love the oasis – it’s a great project to help these tigers that are facing extinction.”


Founded in 1999 by Yveta Irsova, the oasis is home to 28 tigers, with 23 born on-site. Irsova, who also owns the German shepherds, is committed to saving a small population of tigers from extinction and contributing to the genetic pool for breeding critically endangered lions.

Poaching and habitat loss threaten Siberian tigers, and Irsova and her team are dedicated to preventing their extinction.

Martin Ziman, the volunteer, noted the special relationship between the dogs and the tigers: “The dogs are almost the same age as Suria and have grown up together.


They spend most of their time together. They are really like siblings and play together all day long. They never hurt each other.”

Watch the video below:

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