Unidentified Red Sphere-Like Object Captured in Photographs Hovering Over Charlottetown, Canada, Baffling Onlookers and Experts Alike - Media News 48

Unidentified Red Sphere-Like Object Captured in Photographs Hovering Over Charlottetown, Canada, Baffling Onlookers and Experts Alike

UFO or manmade space junk? One thing’s for sure is it’s coming

The mystery metallic object is expected to crash into the sea otoday, which is the third Friday 13 this year.

The high number of Friday 13s this year – there was one in 2014 and just one next year –  has sent some religious conspiracy theorists into overdrive.

Space junk entering the Earth’s atmosphere

Officially calked  WT1190F by scientists, amateurs have dubbed it “WTF” because no one is exactly sure what it is.

There is speculation it could be the remains of part of a US craft from the lunar space program.

Computer artist image of space junk circling Earth

He said: “There is no official, funded effort to do tracking of deep-Earth orbits the way we track low-Earth orbit. I think that has to change”.

Conspiracists are reading a lot more into the coincidental date of the landing.

Nasa image showing the amount of space junk in low-Earth orbit alone

The location of the expected impact site

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