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UFO Hunter Alleges Multiple Abductions After Uncovering Secret Alien Base Off UK Coast, Igniting a Storm of Controversy

Russell Kellett says he has made this discovery in Yorkshire, after spending 20 years investigating the site of a reported alien “abduction” in the area

Russell Kellett, 60, decided to share his findings with the world

A prolific UFO hunter reckons he has discovered a secret underwater alien base – off the coast of Yorkshire.

Russell Kellett says he has made this discovery after spending 20 years investigating the site of a reported alien “abduction” in the area.

RAF pilot William Schaffner crashed his plane off Filey Beach near Scarborough in Yorkshire. There were claims he was chasing a UFO before crashing. His body was never found.

A BBC investigation later describing the incident as the most “plausible British alien abduction story in history”.

And Russell, 60, said: “I have been visiting this site for the last 20 years, capturing footage of things coming out of the water.

Artist impression of what locals saw

“The footage shows two crafts in the sea side by side. They are flying triangles, and they are very close to the road – as you can see at the start of the video. There’s no logical explanation as to what it could be. People have said it could be a plane or a boat, but that close to the road in this location in the middle of the night? Not a chance.

“I have come to the conclusion that there must be an underwater alien base off the coast of Filey Beach.” He added: “The pilot who crashed into the North Sea, in my opinion, was definitely abducted by aliens, and I believe this underwater base had something to do with it. The flying objects seem to be able to outrun and out manoeuvre our air force. I think the crafts may not show up on radar.”

Russell has decided to share his findings in light of the US government’s hearings on the existence of aliens. He said: “Now more than ever, people are starting to believe that there is alien life not only out there but also visiting Earth.”

Secret MoD documents found in 2002 claimed that Schaffner had not encountered a UFO but saw a Shackleton reconnaissance aircraft he was trying to intercept during an exercise. UFO experts believe the MoD covered up alien involvement in the incident.

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