Tragic Fate of Ryker: Abandoned Pitbull Mix Puppy Found Malnourished and Immobile in Philadelphia Park, Rescued Just in Time - Media News 48

Tragic Fate of Ryker: Abandoned Pitbull Mix Puppy Found Malnourished and Immobile in Philadelphia Park, Rescued Just in Time

Animals are living beings who should be treated with the same dignity as humans, because the fact that they are pets does not diminish the value of their lives. That is why there are initiatives to combat the abandonment and cruelty of furry pets at the hands of irresponsible owners.

“We are profoundly horrified and dismayed by the horrible condition in which Ryker was found,” Beth Hucke, one of the founders of Outcast Rescue, told My Central Jersey.

” Outcast Rescue is devoted to doing all in its power to ensure his full recovery. “We named him Ryker because he means “strong,” and he has shown to be a warrior,” he continued.

The dog was first in the care of the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals before being transferred to Outcast Rescue, where it began undergoing therapy.

” Ryker has had two blood transfusions as well as IV fluids. “He’s still incredibly fragile, but the vets are gradually introducing little amounts of food and have started a range of moderate movement exercises with him,” the animal activist stated at the time.

Fortunately, this furry friend’s fortunes improved considerably.

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