Another great incentive to purchase a dog is because, according to pintiks, one day he might save you from a shark attack. James White was using a coastal fishing spot in Sonoma County, California when he felt a strong tug on the line. He struggled to reel the line in for nearly ten minutes before giving up.


At the other end was a 6-foot-long seven-gill shark. James attempted to remove the shark’s hook, but the animal instead turned and fell to the ground, biting into James’ ankle.

The initial bite punctured an artery, and there was blood everywhere at once. The stress was unbearable, White told NBC. Bay Area Fortunately, White’s one-year-old pitbull, Darby, who was waiting in the car parked a few yards away, heard him call out for assistance. When Darby heard his human screaming for help, he somehow managed to open one of the automobile doors. To save the day, he dashed down to James.