Unmistakeable, he perches conspicuously with pride on the branch, his incredible mustache dangling as he sings his strange alien-like song!

His song has been described as a “far-carrying bell-like quality mixed with strange alien noises which make for fascinating additions to the forest cacophony. This sound is only rivaled by the impressive-looking Fu Manchu-like wattles hanging of his bill.

Meet the Three-wattled Bellbird

The male of the species has a white head, neck, and breast, while the rest of his body is a reddish-brown color. As mentioned he has three wattles dangling from his beak, which continue to grow throughout his life. The female has no wattles and is more of a dull olive color with yellow streaks on her belly.

The beak is wide, with the rim a pales grey, while the eyes are blackish-brown and the feet also grey.

Known not just for their looks, they are also known for their strange song which consists of bell-like chimes, interspersed with strange, metallic clicks, which make them easier to find. They are said to be one of the loudest birds in the world. Perhaps only rivaled by the White Bellbird.

Found only in Central America from eastern Honduras to Western Panama, breeding in high elevations in Costa Rica when the male shakes his wattles singing continuously to attract a female.

They then move to lowland areas during wintertime.

This bird feeds on large fruits, usually in the higher forest canopy.

Due to habitat loss caused by deforestation in wintering areas, the Three-Wattled bellbird is unfortunately classed as vulnerable.