The sweetest stray dog becomes incredibly happy when she realizes she has been rescued.

This sweet stray dog lived at a construction site for almost a year. Honey would get leftovers by the workers and was looked after by them. But one day an accident happened and she fractured her leg. She was spotted several days later by a woman nearby and taken to a vet.

At the vet, Honey got surgery to repair her leg and was then fostered by one of the construction workers. A garden shed was her home for 2 months, but during that time the foster family couldn’t find her a forever family and weren’t able to keep her for themselves. So they reached out to Howl of a Dog.

Honey is now in the animal rescue’s care and this happy girl is looking for a forever home. She’s super playful and affectionate. The rescue writes, “Honey is in our care in Romania, but we adopt internationally too.” To learn more about Honey visit the Howl of a Dog website.


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