The only member of his species in the Amazon wearing this color, he stands out in very vivid orange topped off with a velvet black hood: Meet the Orange-backed troupial!

Various Shades Of Vivid Fiery Orange Contrast Perfectly With His Black Mask, Placing Him In An Unparalleled Class All On His Own -Meet The Orange-backed Troupial!

The orange-backed troupial (Icterus croconotus), is a species of bird in the  Icteridae family. 9 inches in length this bright orange bird has a black face, bib, wings, and tail, with a small white patch on his secondary wing feathers. There is a small featherless blue ring around the eyes, with an orange streak on his shoulder.

His song consists of a number of loud, musical phrases, mostly two syllables in length.

Females of this species look very similar to the male, though not quite as bright.

This bird lives in Guyana, Paraguay, Brazil, and eastern Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru.

Orange-backed troupial prefer to inhabit forest edges, clearings, riparian woodland, secondary forest, and scrubby woodland at altitudes up to about 2,500 feet.

These birds often forage in pairs, feeding on fruit, insects, and other arthropods found throughout the canopy. It will also sip on nectar from wildflowers, including Erythrina.

Orange-backed troupial breed from July into August in Colombia, and between November and March in Bolivia and Paraguay. They usually occupy abandoned nests of other Trupiales, though they will sometimes build their own nests hollowing out logs. The female will lay two to three eggs within, which are then incubated for around 14 days. The chicks are fully fledged after 15 days, feeding on their own when they are about 40 days old.

Having a range of over 6,000,000 square kilometers this bird is common in some places, but less common in others. The population is thought to be trending down due to deforestation in the Amazon. However, this decline is not thought to yet pose a threat to the bird’s survival.


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