The foolish lion received a painful punishment from millions of giant bees when he tried to destroy the honeycomb to get honey - Media News 48

The foolish lion received a painful punishment from millions of giant bees when he tried to destroy the honeycomb to get honey

Lions, often hailed as the rulers of the savannah, typically hold sway over all other species in the wild. Yet, they find themselves greatly vexed by a diminutive adversary: giant bees armed with sharp stingers, causing lions to retreat in frustration when faced with them.

Specifically, the video recorded the scene of a lion getting angry when it was disturbed by bees in the Kgalagadi wildlife park, South Africa while it was taking a lunch break in the 40 degrees Celsius heat.

Lions try to use their paws to scare away the hateful bees. Despite being one of the most feared predators in the world, lions are still too slow for African bees.

The 47-year-old photographer describes the scene he captured as a boxing match between a lion heavyweight and a light bee fighter. The light boxer moves very quickly around the ring, causing the opponent to constantly miss and become furious.

Lions cover their faces with their paws when disturbed by bees. A bee attacked the giant lion’s nose when it was trying to take a nap.

The lion is helpless in the face of much trouble caused by the belligerent bees. The lion covers his eyes with his paws while the hateful bees still surround him.

Finally, the lion was forced to get up and move to another area to avoid being disturbed. The lions were forced to rest in a location far from the water in the 40 degree Celsius sun.

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