The Crystal Clear Footage of UFO Disk and Orb Hovering Over LA Freeway, California

This Los Angeles highway UFO was photographed. This strangely resembles another UFO filmed between Earth and the Moon.

There’s two UFOs here which the eye witness was only able to photograph instead of film these UFOs.

It’s not a bad thing because these are still amazing. Some people can go through their entire life and not see or photograph a UFO so to get a double UFO sighting in one sitting (so-to-speak) it’s actually good going.

Uploaded to YouTube by TMZ TV on 2nd February 2021.

Even TMZ News has classed this double UFO sighting as a “stand alone” UFO sighting and a clear UFO sighting. It’s the details of both UFOs which stands out. The white disk really does give it the definition that has anyone who sees it really start to think about just what are we looking at here?

These UFO photo’s where sent to TMZ news channel and they uploaded these to YouTube because they’ve even classed this UFO sighting as a “stand alone” as the best UFO sighting they’ve seen. Here’s the YouTube description:

“We got another UFO sighting on our hands here in L.A., folks – but this one stands alone, as it offers some the best clear shots we’ve seen of what appears, well, you make the call.” 2 Feb 2021.

It’s a round almost disk type of UFO with strange prongs or spokes within the disk that are radiating out from the centre of the craft. There’s two half domes on the underside of this disk and red mini Orb just to the right of this white disk. Why are these two amazing UFOs together, why are they flying over the Los Angeles highway? I ask this because it’s almost as if Los Angeles has a magnetic force pulling these UFOs into it’s domain.

Is there a reason why these craft’s are heading out towards the LA California area? We know that there’s military bases in California and there’s reportedly underground bases but in my own opinion, there has to be something that’s drawing them in?

If we take a UFO sighting from LA and do a simple Google search through Google Lens we see that it brings up a UFO sighting dubbed “the best ever UFO sighting” filmed over Porto Alegre in Brazil.

If you’ve got any thought’s or opinions on this amazing UFO sighting then please share it with us in the comments section below, thanks and also please can you share this post with someone who’ll appreciate it, cheers.


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