Surprised: Sarcophagus of Egyptian GOD discovered in major excavation

ANCIENT Egypt has surprised a team of archaeologists, with the latest discovery being an ancient sarcophagus dedicate to the sky god Horus.

An excavation of a tomb where many high priests were buried in the Minya Governate, about 186 miles (300km) south of Cairo, revealed one burial site dedicated to an otherworldly presence. Researchers from Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities discovered a sarcophagus dedicated to Horus inside the tomb.

Horus was considered the god of the sky in Ancient Egypt and was a deity associated with death and resurrection.

Horus was also the son of the goddess Isis and the god of the underworld Osiris.

Together with Isis and Osiris, Horus formed the principal trinity among Egypt’s gods and goddesses.

In total, the latest mission from the Egyptian archaeologists unearthed 16 tombs containing 20 sarcophagi, some engraved with hieroglyphics, all of which date to around 3,000 years ago.



Archaeology news: Sarcophagus of Egyptian GOD discovered in major excavation (Image: EGYPT MINISTRY OF ANTIQUITIES)



Egyptian archaeologists unearthed 16 tombs containing 20 sarcophagi (Image: EGYPT MINISTRY OF ANTIQUITIES)

Other findings include 10,000 blue and green ushabti (funerary figurines), 700 amulets, several of which were made from pure gold, and bearing scarab shapes.

The Egyptian Minister of Antiquities Khaled El-Enany said the Minya region “continues to reveal its secrets”.

Mohamed Wahballah, a member of the archaeological team, added two of the sarcophagi were still sealed and in “very good” condition.

Minya has become a hotspot for Egyptian archaeology, with several major findings discovered in the region.

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