Stray Puppy Finds Herself A Home In A Traveling Van

They found the stray puppy far off the beaten path and knew they didn’t want a dog. But the puppy wasn’t about to be left behind.

This couple was traveling through Albania in a camper van when they noticed an adorable stray puppy walking toward them. The puppy approached the couple and was so comfortable with them that she immediately rolled over on her back so they could rub her belly.

Because she wasn’t scared, they assumed she must belong to someone perhaps camping nearby. But they didn’t see anyone around that she could belong to and later that night when they were sitting around their campfire, the puppy’s face appeared through the darkness.

She once again approached the couple, so they picked her up and fell asleep in a warm lap. But now they were in a pickle. They didn’t want a dog and they didn’t want to get attached to her because they were traveling in a van.

They knew if they bonded with her, it would be painful to leave her behind. So, they tried to keep their emotional distance and the next day and as they prepared to leave, they tried to ignore the situation.

But as they sat in their van, the internal struggle began. They decided if she was outside the van waiting for them, then the puppy would get to decide whether to go with them or not. So, they rolled down the window and there she was.

They took her into the van and the next day took her to the vet. All was well so they began to travel home where the puppy they named Sandy would meet her future big brother, Freddie. Turns out, the two hit it off and were instantly inseparable.

Sandy quickly adapted to her new family and is surely going to live a life of adventure. They have big plans to see the world and she’ll be right by her new family’s side and is such a lucky girl.

This puppy was so lucky to choose the family she had. She is now so loved and fits right into her home as if it was always meant to be. She took a chance, and they did, too. And now they are together forever.

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