Strange Alien Medallion Discovered in Egyptian Tomb

The movie you’re going to view demonstrates one of the most puzzling discoveries. The finding was made by Professor Winwood. What we can see indicates that ancient monarchs and kings of our globe were in contact with extraterrestrials.

That might account for the appearance of Egyptian symbols like Thoth and Orus in some of the symbols. Hollow eyes are present in the talisman’s figure or object, and a ship-like object can be seen surrounding it.



The cylinder-shaped objects next to it look like glass containers and as though they were made to store something.

The movie also features a bizarre medallion that was found in an Egyptian tomb. Several of its characteristics have alien-like shapes, which lends credence to the idea that extraterrestrials communicated with pharaohs and ruled Egypt covertly.



It is said that Professor Winwood stole artefacts from the tomb and later published them in a magazine. The stolen items were transported to a museum for storage when the professor, who was also an archaeologist, was caught.



View the video below and make your own conclusions.




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