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Stone Waves: Mesmerizing Land Art Created by Artist on Ocean Shores .nh

Artist Jon Foreman creates awe-inspiring work from the nature that surrounds him.


Traversing the beach, he finds rocks of all shapes and sizes and arranges them into hypnotic designs on the ground. By using a variety of stones, he’s able to convey movement in the static work.

He gathers stones in different sizes, shapes, and colors and arranges them in eye-catching formations. From giant circles, dynamic swirls and other intricate patterns, Foreman’s work reveals the unique beauty of stones. Indeed, working with stones has made him realize some of their unexpected qualities.



“A creator of various styles of Land Art, he is ever in search of “different.” Be it with stones or leaves, inland or on beaches. He has even created works in derelict environments using materials such as broken glass or ashes and general debris. The scale of his work varies massively; he may use stones or driftwood to make something small and minimal.”

In a piece created at Gelliswick beach in Pembrokeshire, he incorporates a new color into his palette—a red tone. “That sea-washed Brick is a great color to mix in with the more obvious stone colors like grey and brown,” he writes. “Will likely be working here more often now!” The hue adds yet another dimension to his incredible compositions.


Most often the weather and immediate climate will make his work disappear (be blown down/washed away by the tide), and sometimes other people will interfere. This is all part of the creative process and has proven to benefit his work.

You can find all of his fantastic works on his website where he also sells prints. You can also follow him on his socials listed below.



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