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Skinny and Loyal Dog Lies in Kennel for a Year, Waiting and Hoping for Her Owner’s Return

In the panorama in which owners too often abandon their four-legged friends, yet another story of suffering and abandonment emerges: the story of a dog thrown away like an object.

Once loved and cared for, she found herself abandoned along a desolate road, left to fend for herself to face an uncertain fate. In her desperation to survive, she ingested everything she could get her hands on, even what she should never have touched.

This desperate act of hers brought her to her limits, reducing her to terrible physical and mental conditions. But fortunately, before it was too late, a ray of hope came in the form of compassionate volunteers, ready to offer the support and care she desperately needed.

In a freezing winter, in the silence of the streets, lay an abandoned dog, called Prima, forgotten by the world that had once welcomed her. Her extreme thinness told a story of hunger and desperation, as she, in the struggle to survive, devoured everything she found, even the strangest of herself.

But fate had a wonderful surprise in store for her, or rather, a helping hand. Jannel and Robby, two very good people, found her during one of their walks and, although her condition was far beyond the worst imaginable, they did not hesitate to take her away.

From the vet, the merciless diagnosis arrived: terminal heartworm disease. But Prima di lei’s love and determination, along with the tireless care of her saviors, began to change the course of her story.

Against all odds, Prima overcame adversity, emerging from her suffering as a beacon of hope. Every day brought with him a new challenge, but Prima faced the future with courage and tenacity.

Now, surrounded by the love of a family who adopted her, Prima lives every day as a blessing, a living witness to the strength of love and resilience.

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