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Shocking Video: Puerto Rican Fishermen Capture Mysterious ‘Alien Mermaid,’ Igniting Global Curiosity

The footage showed the seawater glowing in blue and green as a human-like figure spotted emerged. It sparked wild theories that an “alien mermaid” lives in the ocean

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An eerie video has left the internet convinced mermaids exist after a human-like figure was spotted in the water.

The moment was captured by a group of fishermen and happened off the coast of the city of Aguadilla in Puerto Rico on Monday (June 19)

In the clip, a small area of the sea is seen glowing in the dark, giving hues of blue and green lights.

As they zoom closer to the water, a mysterious human-looking figure breaches the water for a brief second.

While the waves are hitting against the fishing boat, the slender, elongated shadow moves towards the right of the camera frame.

The movement looks like a person walking.

One fisherman can be heard shouting: “Look! Look! There’s something there!”

The figure catches the light reflection before it bobs up and down in the sea.

Viewers were intrigued by the bizarre sighting and shared their thoughts in the comments.

A person speculated: “Seems like a mermaid or a siren. They make that blue circle light under water.”

A second pointed out: “Did anyone see the ‘eyes’ glow when it turned and looked at them?”

“Oh my God, it looks like an image of a person walking underwater,” a third noted.

Then a fourth chimed in: “Also does anyone see that tan/grey mist anomaly at the very beginning that just follows the humanoid throughout the video.”

It’s not the first time strange things have been spotted in the ocean. In 2020, a pod of “glowing dolphins” were seen swimming off the Californian coast in US.

The marine animals swam in bioluminescent waves, which made them glow in the dark in a spectacular hues of blue.

Bioluminescence is a chemical reaction within living organisms, like marine algae and fireflies, that makes them look like they’re glowing blue.

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