Roswell’s Mystery: Unearthed UFO Crash Site? Cryptic Giant Symbols Near Roswell Spark Speculation and Mystery, Deepening Conspiracy Theories - Media News 48

Roswell’s Mystery: Unearthed UFO Crash Site? Cryptic Giant Symbols Near Roswell Spark Speculation and Mystery, Deepening Conspiracy Theories

It’s definitely aliens this time….definitely

Google Maps may have revealed the landing site of a UFO near to where the Roswell UFO crash took place, or at least that’s what conspiracy theorists are claiming (along with a number of other theories).

The revelation comes after UFO hunters tirelessly trawled through the thousands of miles of satellite imagery that Google collects.

What they discovered were a bizarre series of giant symbols on the ground which seemingly focus around what appears to be one of Buddhism’s most prominent symbols.

UFOSightingsDaily editor Scott Waring believes that the symbols are a warning by aliens against human incursion into what is their territory.

Alternately another conspiracy site Ancient Origins believes that the symbols are in fact a very elaborate landing strip for UFOs to land on.

Somewhat ornate as a choice of airport we’ll grant them but then again aliens might just have a penchant for flare.

It’s a bizarre turn of events though because as you can see, the symbols are very definitely there in Google Maps.

Unfortunately for those of you that want to believe it’s an alien landing site there is potentially a far more boring explanation.

The area surrounding the site has apparently long been used by the US Air Force as target practise.

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The symbol at the top looks incredibly similar to that of a naval warship while the other symbols could simply be markers for pilots who are training in aerial reconnaissance.

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