Rescue Dog Found Starving Changes Color When He Finally Feels Safe

When Sidewalk Specials first saw Eddie he bit at them. The poor dog was “completely emaciated” and suffering from malnutrition, kidney issues, mange and tick bite fever. He also had difficulty getting around on his 3 legs.

The South African dog rescue noted that he was extremely weak and his eyes were filled with fear and emptiness. But that slowly began to change under the care of Janice, his foster mom. After two weeks his tail began to wag and his eyes softened. Three months later, his fur had changed color and he was learning to play – his favorite “security blanket” was his ball and he loved to go to the park.


Eddie had three wonderful months with his foster family, but a forever home wouldn’t materialize. Sidewalk Specials revealed:

“We were so hoping this wonderful The Dodo video would land Eddie his forever home…Sadly, in the last month, Eddie suffered organ failure and had to be put to sleep in his foster’s loving arms.”

“I think we can all agree that Eddie’s last three months, spent with his foster family, were the best thing that ever happened to him. Respect to his foster family for giving Eddie the chance at happiness and prayers for your broken hearts.”

Sidewalk Specials and Eddie’s foster carers are very experienced in caring for emaciated dogs. But as dog rescuers can attest, sometimes even after successful re-feeding, a dog can have such serious organ damage and an impaired immune system from their prolonged starvation that they never fully recover. Although Eddie has passed on, it is a blessing that he was so cared for and so loved in his final months.


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