Rare 180-Million-Year-Old Fossil Unearthed by Fossil Hunter on Remote Yorkshire Beach

The Yorkshire Coast is littered with pebbles and rocks, of which some hold signs of history from millions of years ago. And, popular TikTok star Liam Langley, 26, recently stumbled across just that.

Living in Whitby he often hunts for fossils on the remote beaches near his home and then shares his discoveries online through his social media account, Forgotten Fossils.

His social media accounts have proven quite interesting as they’ve racked up a massive 508k following on TikTok with 12.2 million likes. He also has 5.3k followers on Instagram, 12.7k followers on YouTube.

His keen interest in fossils started at a young age when, at four, his family brought him to Whitby.

Yorkshire Post reported that he said: “I found a large rock on the beach with the remains of a 180 million-year-old sea creature called an Ichthyosaur that was swimming in the seas at the same time as dinosaurs were on land.

“It contains 9 articulated backbones from the extinct sea creature. I dragged the large rock back from the rope access beach of Kettleness near Whitby all the way to Runswick Bay.”

Liam said: “I didn’t initially split the rock open. It was a large block stuck in the sand at Kettleness and the ichthyosaur bones were protruding out of the very top. I had it professionally prepared by Mark Hawkes at Stone Treasures who cut the block down the size with a polished finish.”

Yorkshire has a lot to be proud of, the rolling hills of the Yorkshire Dales, its stunning coastline and its rich history. And, speaking of its rich history, Yorkshire has a proud trophy in the form of a huge crap, and by huge, we mean record-breaking huge. Found under the York branch of Lloyds and might be the largest example of fossilised human faeces ever found

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