Quick thinking biker rescues injured bald eagle trapped in the middle of a busy highway

Dandon Miller was traveling on his motorcycle over Memorial Day weekend, when the traffic suddenly stopped in front of him. Curious, he rode around the cars to discover a bald eagle stranded in the middle of the road — and he jumped into action to save her.

Miller, who was traveling home from a Philadelphia motorcycle and car show on Saturday, told CBS News another motorist was attempting to help the bird when he pulled over and hopped off his bike. The other person was nudging the eagle, but when she opened her wings to fly Miller said that “it was pretty obvious the bird was hurt.”

“I do love animals and everything and wouldn’t want to see any animal get hurt or anybody else to get hurt,” he remarked.

Knowing she wouldn’t be able to get out of the road alone, he came up with a plan to save her. “I took off my flannel, wrapped it around the bird and just picked her right up,” Miller said. Many wild animals would likely react negatively to being carried, but Miller said the bird seemed to know he was helping her. He was even able to take a few incredible photos of the encounter.

“She did not give me any problems at all, she was completely calm,” he said. “Honest to God, it was harder to hold my cat than her.”

Miller carried the eagle to the side of the road and asked the other Good Samaritans who gathered around him if anyone knew who to call. Eventually, he called 911, who called the state troopers and eventually got into contact with Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research. The local organization works to rehabilitate wild birds “with the goal of returning healthy birds to their natural environment,” according to their website.

The organization took about 45 minutes to arrive and Miller held the bird the whole time, which he recounted as a surreal experience. “Wow, I can’t believe I’m holding a bald eagle,” he said. “She was just looking around, hanging out with me. It was just wild looking into my arms and seeing a bald eagle. Just seeing how massive it was, it was crazy.”

The nonprofit has not yet responded to CBS News’ request for comment, but posted to Facebook Wednesday with photos and an update on the bird’s condition. The eagle had her wing injury sutured, her abrasions cleaned and is “resting comfortably,” according to the post.





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