Plymouth's Mysteries Unveiled: Strange 'Jellyfish' Lights Hovering Over Cornwall, Igniting Curiosity and Confounding Observers - Media News 48

Plymouth’s Mysteries Unveiled: Strange ‘Jellyfish’ Lights Hovering Over Cornwall, Igniting Curiosity and Confounding Observers

St Budeaux resident Lauren filmed the lights in the early hours of Monday morning (March 13)

More strange lights have been spied in Plymouth this week as a resident saw three hovering orange lights above Cornwall. Local resident Lauren filmed the “really weird” orange lights from her home in St Budeaux.

This comes after a mysterious green glow was spotted hovering over the city a few weeks ago which followed numerous reports of strange floating lights, claimed to be UFOs by some, in our city. The Met Office confirmed the green light was ‘not meteorological’, but these floating ‘jellyfish’ shaped lights are still unknown.

Lauren filmed two of the three lights she saw at around 3.20am on Monday, March 13, after looking out of her window at the pouring rain.

“It was really strange,” Lauren said. “I looked out the window and there were three of them at the start – it was really heavily raining, so I went and looked out the window, as you do – I looked out and there were three. I went to grab my phone and there were only two.

“One had vanished. You know the jellyfish, with the long things dangling down, that’s what it was like. As first I thought it was flares, but it definitely wasn’t a flare, I don’t know what it was.”

“It was going bigger and smaller,” she added. The lights appeared to be hovering over Cornwall, but over the field rather than above the water.

“It freaked me out,” Lauren said. “It’s really weird. They were bright orange.” She explained it seemed like something was pushing the lights upwards, which is why she thought it might have been a flare. “But it definitely wasn’t a flare,” she repeated.

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