Plucky Leopard Takes on 15 Crocodiles: Daring Attempt to Steal Carcass Leads to Unlikely and Epic Battle - Media News 48

Plucky Leopard Takes on 15 Crocodiles: Daring Attempt to Steal Carcass Leads to Unlikely and Epic Battle

A plucky leopard thought he’d spotted the chance to grab a quick meal by stealing a carcass from a group of crocodiles.

The daring big cat approached the float of 15 crocodiles hoping to steal their kill and an unlikely battle ensued.

Food fight: A giant crocodile fights of the daring leopard which is trying to steal the kill from the jaws of the giant reptile

Not amused: One crocodile shows his ferocious jaws while another lies on top of the dead animal. Another crawls out of the water towards the hissing leopard

Undeterred: The leopard approaches the dead puku as crocodiles show their teeth and vultures are on standby

Keep off: Crocodiles fend off a pesky leopard which tries to steal their kill at South Luangwa National Park in Zambia

Daring: The leopard approaches 15 crocodiles to try and get a bite of the puku they have killed at a nature reserve in Zambia

Vultures: A crocodile bears its teeth at a leopard as it tries to get at the puku carcass on the riverbanks of the South Luangwa National Park

Tussle: Two huge crocodiles wrestle with their kill and try to keep it from the clutches of a one-eyed leopard

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