Pitiful! Lion’s Leg Was Bitten Off By Hyena During A Fierce Confrontation Over Food

In this photo taken in Masai Mara National Park, Kenya, a hungry hyena grabs a lioness by the tail as it tries to protect its prey.

The lion roared in pain as it was bitten by a hyena with sharp teeth. Soon after, the wildebeest carcass was torn apart by a pack of hyenas and jackals. The lion helplessly watched the delicious bait being “lifted up”.

The photo’s author, Alun James, said the lion was too inexperienced to defend the achievement against the hyenas: “The lion was swept away when the hyenas approached”.

James said the lioness did not leave but just stood there, not knowing what to do next. The hyenas “party” in the helplessness of the lioness.

The old lioness defended only part of her gain – a rib of an antelope. However, its meal was also not delicious because around the wild buffalo herd looked at it with angry eyes. After about an hour, a male lion appeared and freed the female lion. At this time, the lioness can safely enjoy the remaining meal.

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