Orcas' Ingenious Hunting Tactic: Pod Generates Massive Wave, Plunging Helpless Seal into Ocean in Astonishing Display - Media News 48

Orcas’ Ingenious Hunting Tactic: Pod Generates Massive Wave, Plunging Helpless Seal into Ocean in Astonishing Display

Dramatic footage showed killer whales using a rare hunting technique to trap and kill a seal in the icy waters surrounding Antarctica.

The killer whales started by swimming side by side, which created a wave that cracked the seal’s large ice platform into a smaller one, making it vulnerable.

A second wave the whales generated knocked the seal off the ice into the water, where the whales could attack it.

Once the seal was in the water, the whales used another hunting technique: blowing bubbles to confuse the seal, which made it easier to catch.

Watch the Video:

Killer whales are known for their precise targeted attacks. A recent report showed the animals are able to rip out great white sharks’ internal organs, such as their liver, with surgical precision.

An expert previously told Insider they might do so by using their echolocation to find the fattiest organs in their prey.

Their intelligence leads to smarter living as they often will work together in their social groups known as “pods.”

Their intelligence and pack-like hunting ability has also given them their nickname as the “wolves of the sea,” and they are also the ONLY known predator of Great White Sharks, one of the baddest mf’ers on the entire planet.

Seals are smart too though, so these orcas have to be smarter sometimes in order to get a meal.

In this video, a seal is seen lounging out on a chunk of ice, as they typically do… where it is safe… or so it thought.

This is almost unbelievable how well they work together.

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