Newest: Germany announced the date to deliver the IRIS-T SLM Air Defense System to Ukraine

Germany’s pledged IRIS-T SLM and NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems have yet to be deployed in Ukraine, with the first SAMs expected to be deployed in October, although German Foreign Minister Annalena Beerbock previously said that by the end of 2018 I was informed that a transfer was planned. Summer or early September.

The German ambassador to Ukraine, Anka Feldhusen, announced the new terms in an interview with her publication Truth in Europe.


“I hope the first system will be in October … I really hope that the second system will be by the end of this year and the rest by the beginning of next year,” said the diplomat, adding that I We are talking about a total of 4 IRIS-Ts delivered to Ukraine.

She also said there were no political delays on the issue of arms transfers. In fact, these are new complexes, made from scratch. In addition, SAMs ordered by Egypt are likely to be transferred to Ukraine.

At the same time, the IRIS-T SLM’s production pace actually matches his NASAMS transmission pace, and according to Pentagon spokesman Pat Ryder (Pat Ryder), NASAMS will send him two units. the next two months. In a best-case scenario, the Ukrainian Air Force can therefore only expect four new air defense systems by the end of 2022.



Both the IRIS-T SLM and the NASAMS air defense system belong to short-range and medium-range air defense systems. The capabilities of the IRIS-T SLM are somewhat broader, requiring NASAMS to use AMRAAM-ER missiles instead of the basic AIM-120, so they can destroy air targets at distances of up to 40 km. Another advantage of the IRIS-T SLM is the passive infrared homing head of anti-aircraft missiles. This allows you to use this complex very effectively in ambush mode. Additionally, the IRIS-T SLM features vertical launch and does not create a “dead zone” above the launch funnel.


IRIS-T SLM specifications

Weight – 89 kgLength -3 metersDiameter – 127 mmWarhead – 11.4 kg, high-explosive fragmentationEngine – solid fuelMaximum range – up to 40 kmMaximum target altitude – up to 5 kmCost – about $430,000 per unit


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